Photos by Alex Settineri

"Her Elaine is happy and idealistic. Watching her arc from the naive daughter to a woman who stands up for the messy love she wants was empowering and cathartic. I found myself laughing and crying along with her.”

–Sullivan County Democrat, Margaret Bruetsch

"...Ariel (Ella Mora) wishes to walk among the humans, and Mora’s lyric vocals were positively magical. She is the sheer embodiment of the Little Mermaid, and her performance sparkles and shines."

-Jonathan Charles Fox, The River Reporter

"...Ella Mora’s Ariel has her audience falling in love.  She presents an Ariel that’s an enchanting siren, alluring and fascinating. Her hypnotic mermaid voice and young girl naïveté creates an enthusiastic cheering section, as she determinedly achieves her dreams and wins her guy!"

-Robert H. Score, Meet Me In The Greenroom

"Ella Mora is a radiant Ariel. Her smile lights up the theatre and her lovely, lyrical voice fills it up to the rafters."

-Lori Schneider, Aisle Seat

"Ella Mora gives a luminous performance as Olive Ostrovsky, a lonely girl who has grown up feeling that her family’s oversized dictionary is her friend. She’s come to the competition alone on a bus because her mother’s at an ashram in India and her father is working late, as usual. While looking Dresden-doll delicate, Mora sings with soul and has fine-tuned comedic instincts (including a flair for facial expressions), along with a touching vulnerability."

-Cindy Nickerson, Cape Cod Times


"Ella Mora exudes an ethereal quality as the lovely, kind-hearted Jane Bennet."

-Johanna Crosby, Wicked Local Cape Cod